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Welcome to Right Knowledge is a Platform of Blogging, Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO and many more 

A digital marketer career has so much offered unlimited freedom, a chance to travel the world, earnings determined by the amount of effort you put in – the list is endless. Interesting huh! I would be lying if I told you that building a successful freelance career is easy. It gets even harder when you have got no experience or skill at all.

When I started to learn digital marketing in the year of 2016, I was never aware of digital marketing ways of income, and I also don’t know what Digital Marketing actually is.

So  I created a Facebook Page which is Fukrey Media. and I started work on this page, starting learning for this page. Within 4 months I got 25k plus likes on my page.

I was very excited at this time. and try to know more about Facebook marketing like tools for the Facebook, instant article, how can I make money from this page I have a lot of questions at that time actually.

Every day I surf the internet to solve my questions and try to know more about how I can earn money from my page. In the august of 2016 jio telecoms network launched in India and it’s a big change in the telecom network. 

The help of JIo I learned a lot of things. Like SEO, and Social media marketing. I Create a Web site the name of my Facebook fan page fukrey media. and tray to learn CMS website design and SEO.

Man Behind Right Knowledge

Deepak Meher

Deepak Meher

Best top 10 different Earning Sources

  1. As a freelancer working on the project for the client that needs a digital marketer.Just signup the www.UpWork.com, www.fiverr.com 
  2. As a Digital Marketer as an employee of Company 
  3. Build/Create a website and spread your knowledge. Submit your blog on Google Adsense to monetize your blog content 
  4. Start On-line Ecommerce Business, 
  5. Affiliate marketing, Join amazon, Flipkart or another affiliate network
  6. Youtube
  7. Social Media Expert
  8. SEO, SEM Expert
  9. PPC Expert 
  10. Content Writer 

It all depends on your knowledge, how you can make an effort for your dream, excluding the above 10 ways, there are many options for digital marketing that can help you become a freelancer. 

Who is Deepak Meher?

Deepak Meher is a professional digital marketer. He has a website( Right Knowledge » Be a Blogger) in which he talks about Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, Affiliate Marketing, and how to make money.
He has a great knowledge of digital marketing. The website in which he is writing blogs which are very informative and easy to understand. The people, Who will visit his page and read his blogs he/she will understand what is I am talking about. I know Digital Marketing is vast like an ocean but he has enough knowledge to make you understand clearly if you want to know about anything related to digital marketing. His every content is unique, interesting to read, and informative also.