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Benefits of WordPress Website Devlopment.


How to Add Content to WordPress Website

Are you curious to know the benefits of WordPress website development, then you are at the right place. WordPress has also become the content management software of choice for non-blogging websites.

WordPress is a type of CMS (Contents Management System). The literal translation is “content management system”.

WordPress is a web designer and substance the executive’s framework. It is open-source programming that anybody can use to make any sort of site possible.

Normally, knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential to create and publish a website, but if you use a CMS such as WordPress, even if you do not have such specialized knowledge, you can even prepare content such as sentences and images. If you can do it, you can create and publish a website. It is because of such a mechanism that even people who do not have expertise in the Web can publish articles on the Web on blogs and the like.

Benefits of WordPress website.

Reach in information

Since there are many users, there is a wealth of information. There are countless books about WordPress, and if something goes wrong, Google search can solve most of them.

Is it Easy to build a new site?

You can create a basic website structure such as a top page, a category page, a tag page, etc. without touching HTML at all.

Yes, it is easy. When building a new site with WordPress, the rental server company often provides a function called “easy installation”. The procedure is very simple because the construction is completed on the management screen of the server.

In addition, it is necessary to set a data container called a database in WordPress, but this will also be set at the time of easy installation on the server.

You can add functions with abundant plugins

“Plugins” are a mechanism that allows you to add functions that WordPress itself does not have.

The following functions are provided by the plug-in.

Some plugins are officially provided by WordPress, but most are third-party. Since WordPress is open source, most plugins are also open source.

Another advantage of WordPress is that you can easily install and uninstall plugins on the management screen. The plugin itself is written in PHP, but you don’t need any knowledge of PHP or server to install it, just one click like a smartphone app. Therefore, even designers can easily add plugins.

Plugins are a mechanism that allows you to easily add additional functions to WordPress. There are many WordPress plugins, such as those that speed up the display of your site and those that help you backup your site. If you look for a plug-in, you can find a function that you would like to have.

You can easily change the design with abundant “Themes”

Plugins are in charge of functions, while “themes” are in charge of design.

Theme selection and development is a very important phase, as the design and functionality embedded in the theme is due to its ease of use and visibility.

ThemeYou can easily change the design of WordPress 
PluginYou can add features to WordPress

Themes can be installed from the management screen as well as plugins. Designers from all over the world provide themes free of charge, and there are a wide variety of themes, from casual ones to calm ones that can be used for corporate sites.

WordPress’s default design is dull, but with themes you can turn it into a sophisticated design in seconds.

The theme is like a dress-up feature on a website. You can change the appearance of the site while keeping the information such as articles, images, categories and tags.

WordPress has a well-organized mechanism for creating, publishing, and using themes, and various themes created by designers and developers around the world are published for free (some are paid). Users are free to use them, and they can also create and use their own themes.

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How WordPress works?

Now, from here on, what kind of (technical) mechanism does the CMS called WordPress work? 

How are articles and images posted from the management screen reflected as a website? I would also like to touch on that.

Accessing the WordPress site to display the site.

In WordPress, articles posted by users and comments on them do not directly generate HTML files.

WordPress is built with a programming language called “PHP”, and uses a database called “MySQL” to manage content to realize functions as a CMS.

What’s happening on your browser or on the other side of your browser when you visit a website created with benefits of WordPress? The rough flow until the site is displayed is as follows.

1.   The browser sends the information of the page you want to see on the site.

2.   When the server site is accessed, PHP will operate, extract data such as articles and comments from MySQL, generate HTML, and send it.

3.   The browser will successfully convert and display the sent HTML.

The point is that PHP that runs WordPress and the database that stores data are separated, and one page is displayed in cooperation.

Why use a Database to manage Content?

By adopting such a mechanism, it is possible to manage “content” and “website vessel (≒ template)” separately.

For example, if you write SQL statements to operate MySQL, you can handle the contents in the database all at once, and if you write HTML, PHP, CSS, you can expand the contents with free layout and design.

In addition, it is thanks to the use of the database for content management that we can provide functions such as easily switching the appearance of the website according to the theme and easily extending it with plugins.

The mechanism of creating a database of contents and creating a display programmatically supports the versatility and extensibility of WordPress.

Using WordPress doesn’t mean it has an SEO effect.

SEO is “optimizing a website so that it can receive the correct evaluation from search engines.” By doing SEO correctly, websites can be correctly understood and evaluated by search engines. By doing so, the website will be able to appear in the right ranking with the right keywords.

So, just because you use WordPress doesn’t mean that your site will appear higher in the search results. With that in mind, let’s think about how WordPress works with SEO?


There is a point that is suitable to do SEO.

I mentioned earlier that there is no such thing as SEO effect just by using WordPress. However, there are some advantages to doing SEO.

In other words, WordPress itself has no SEO effect, but I think it’s good to recognize that WordPress is relatively easy to do SEO.

Articles can be posted with a smartphone app

HTML and CSS work will be done on a PC, but WordPress can also work on a smartphone. If you want to update the article, such as when the train is moving, you can also work on your smartphone.

WordPress makes it easier to work more efficiently when you need to update an article.

There are App Store and Android apps, so if you want to improve your work efficiency on your smartphone, install it.


The benefits of WordPress can manage the original content such as sentences, comments, and images by separating the structure and appearance of the site itself.

Therefore, you can easily adjust the structure and design of the site while keeping the content as it is.

From the abundance of information and the large number of users, it will be possible to manage most things related to WordPress.

If you use WordPress, there is no such thing as SEO.

However, it can be said that SEO is easy to do because of the ease of changing the structure and the existence of plugins that help SEO.

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