What is SEO content? How to make Successful Content SEO?

SEO Content

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What is the purpose of Search engine optimization?

You need to be patient with “time,” “cost,” and “people” to really tackle SEO Content. Many companies that fail in content marketing focus on short-term results and stop investing in less than a year.

Instead of suddenly spending money to outsource blogging and white papers, think about whether there are any assets sleeping in your company.

If there is a consultant in the company, that person may be able to write a blog, and even if the SEO survey report submitted to the customer every month is unexpectedly uploaded on the Web, the response is great.

It is important to understand the method of SEO content marketing, but it is most important to consider whether it is possible to provide high value-added information to potential customers from among internal resources and to give results rather than pursuing them first.

Distinguish between Content marketing and Content SEO

The word often confused with SEO Content marketing and content SEO are similar terms, but content marketing is a broad concept of “attracting prospects by transmitting content”, and content SEO is “in-house in the search results of search engines such as Google”. It is a method to display the content at the top. Content SEO is easy to understand if you think of it as one of the strategies for implementing content marketing.

1. Understand user needs and select counter measure keywords

The most important search engine optimization measure is the “user first” perspective, but in order to create high-quality content, it is first necessary to know the needs of users.

When identifying keywords, it is a good idea to consider co-occurrence words as a set. Co-occurrence words are keywords that are searched in combination with a specific keyword.

Keywords like this that’s long tail will be helpful for the site rank up “Content search engine optimization is significant on the grounds that web indexes, like Google, read your site, so the words you use on your webpage decide if your website will rank in their outcomes pages.”

For example, the co-occurrence of the word “subscription” includes “subscription service” and “subscription fee”. Understanding co-occurrence words gives you a clearer understanding of what search users want to know.

2.Creating Web content for search needs

Once the user’s needs are understood, the next step is to create Web content based on those needs.

However, even if you increase the content in the dark clouds, you cannot expect effective search engine optimization measures.

HubSpot publishes a free tool that makes it easy to organize what content you want to deliver to whom, so be sure to take advantage of it.

3. Edit content

Next, let’s take a look at the specific editing items for content creation to improve the quality of the content mentioned earlier.

4.Spread on social networks

Spreading on SNS (social network service) is an effective means to make the created content visible to many users.

5.Acquire back-links by contributing

As before, getting back-links is a very effective search engine optimization measure.

The specific methods of steps ③ to ⑤ are summarized in this article.

How to increase back-links? The secrets from the HubSpot blog case line are open to the public

Content SEO

We position content search engine optimization as the most important SEO measure. Because the content is packed with all the information to fulfill the user’s wishes.

In the extreme, if the content is great, you can get some convincing search engine optimization effects even if other measures are inadequate.

In other words, high-quality content is content that meets not only the superficial needs of users but also the potential needs hidden in deep psychology and contributes to the realization of user happiness.

To explain a little more concretely, “the user can actually take action” is a condition for good content. It’s easy if you just capture your needs and wish for happiness, but it’s not.

High-quality content is content that ensures that actions are taken to meet needs and achieve happiness.

In order to create such high-quality content, we create content from four perspectives. By correctly understanding and outputting these four perspectives, it is possible to create high-quality content with a high search engine optimization effect.

1.Needs (Insight): Accurately grasp user needs

In order to create content that fills users 120%, it is necessary to accurately grasp the needs.

Needs are the gap between a user’s ideals and reality, and are the desires of the user. Needs are roughly classified into two types, “explicit needs” and “latent needs”.

  • Authenticity: Summarize with reliable contents

No matter how much you send information that accurately captures your needs, if the transmission is not reliable, it will be of little value to users. This is because the content may not be convincing.

Pursuing reliability is essential to creating high-quality content that users can convince and make the right decisions. Let’s aim for highly reliable content.

  • Originality: Creating unique value

Content must be unique, well above competing content. In other words, you should aim for original content.

It is NG to imitate other content. Since content is evaluated relatively, users do not feel great value even if they create the same content as other content. You should create your own valuable content in consideration of competitiveness.

  • Expression: Provide in an easy-to-understand expression

Let’s make the content easy for users to understand. No matter how good the content is, it’s hard to come to a conclusion, and if the information isn’t organized, users will quickly leave.


I hope you guys understand more comfortably the purpose of content search engine optimization. If you have any doubt let me in the comment section and I will definitely reply to all. Sharing is caring, so share this post with your friend.


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