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15 Mind-blowing features of WordPress that you didn’t know.

15 Mind-blowing features of WordPress that you didn’t know.

Benefits of WordPress Website Development.

Are you looking for the best mind-blowing features of WordPress? Then you are in the right place. In this content we will recognize some 15 mind-blowing features of WordPress, that help your website to rank and it also continuously changed. 

What features of WordPress have?

Features of WordPress is the most popular and simple way to develop a website.

Articles can be edited with HTML tagging and appearance on the management screen without any knowledge.

A simple and sophisticated management screen is available from your browser so that you can post and manage articles without any knowledge of HTML or CSS.

You can enter this management screen by accessing the specified URL from a browser and entering the username and password. You can access it from anywhere and edit / update articles on the management screen.

15 Innovative approaches to improve your features of WordPress

1. Manage, post, and delete images

Even if you insert an image in the article, you can complete it all on the management screen.

There is no need to upload images to the server by FTP, just drag and drop the images on the management screen. Uploaded images can also be managed in a list.

Also, you don’t need to use tags to insert images into articles. You can insert an image on the article just by selecting and selecting the image. 

2. Manage blog comments

You can manage whether to display or disapprove the comments received from readers for each article and delete them. You can also set it so that you cannot comment.

3. Check the number of accesses

In WordPress (the most popular and simple way to develop a website), the numerical value of “view count” is displayed for each article on the management screen, and you can easily check the access count of the article without using the access analysis tool.

4. Editable user authority management

When managing the site with multiple people, you can set permissions for each.

The main authorities are as follows.

AdministratorAll functions can be used with the highest authority
ContributorYou can post, edit, and publish new articles, but you cannot delete articles. 
ContributorDrafts of new articles are possible, but cannot be published 

Main features of WordPress

5. You can easily change the design using “Theme”

A “theme” is a template that determines the design and layout of the entire blog. It also has the role of adding features that WordPress itself does not have.

Thousands of themes are registered on the official WordPress website. These are called “official themes” and most themes are available for free.

WordPress isn’t just about official themes. Recommended for blog beginners! In the simple & fashionable WordPress theme article, we introduce recommended domestic themes. We have collected fashionable and highly functional themes that can be used on sites without any problems.

6. You can easily add functions using “plug-ins”

10 Best Free WordPress Plugins For 2021

A plugin is a program that allows you to add functions that WordPress itself does not have.

For example, features of WordPress itself do not have a function to generate a “sitemap” or a function to set up an “inquiry form”. Even if you try to create a site map or inquiry form yourself, the hurdles are too high for beginners. But plugins make it easy to add these features.

As with the previous theme, there are “official plugins” for plugins, and most of them can be used for free. The official plugins registered on the official WordPress website can be easily obtained from the WordPress administration screen.

7. Must be installed on the server

General homepage creation software is installed and used on a personal computer.

On the other hand, features of WordPress( the most popular and simple way to develop a website) is installed in a location called a server (web server).

You can prepare the server yourself, but it requires advanced technology and cost, and maintenance is also difficult. Servers are generally rented.

Rental servers are provided by various companies. Fees vary depending on performance and service content, and range from hundreds to tens of thousands of yen a month. For beginners who are starting WordPress from now on, we especially recommend the following servers that can be rented for about 1,000 yen per month.

8. Article editing and settings are done on the management screen

Article Writing Format

The management screen can be opened by accessing a specific URL with a browser and entering the “user name” and “password”. If you have an internet environment, it is also attractive to be able to update articles regardless of location or device.

Features of WordPress can operate a blog site using its own domain.

A unique domain that can operate a site with a dedicated address is a great asset. Because you can use your own address semi-permanently.

In a typical blog, the more articles you add, the older articles are buried and harder for your readers to find. With this, even if you create important pages such as “Inquiries” and “Operator Profile”, they will not be read easily.

9. Generate a page each time it is accessed

WordPress has a mechanism to generate a page each time it is accessed. I will explain what it means by comparing it with the mechanism of general homepage creation software.

Every time you create an article, a file containing the content of the article is generated. In other words, if you create 100 articles, 100 files will be generated.

When an article is accessed, the server sends the contents of the article file directly to the reader’s browser to display the page. A site that prepares the files necessary for displaying the page in advance in this way is called a ” static site”.

WordPress, on the other hand, does not generate a file when the article is complete. So when do you generate the file? That’s when the article is accessed.

WordPress calls the data on the server each time the article is accessed and then generates the file. In this way, to generate the files needed to display each time the page site is ” dynamic is called the site”.

10. Easy to find information on related books and commentary sites

WordPress, which is popular all over the world, has many users, so there are plenty of sites and books explained in Japanese.

The first thing you should read is the version of WordPress Codex. This is a site where the English version of the official manual has been translated by volunteers. You can find all the information about WordPress.

Next up is official WordPress support. Anyone can ask questions on the forum (bulletin board) if the problem is not solved by reading the manual.

If you go to a bookstore, you will find a lot of books related to WordPress. The pictures are some of the WordPress books I’ve read so far.

11. Security measures are at your own risk

With a free blog service, the operating company will take care of all security measures. However, in the case of WordPress, you basically have to take security measures yourself.

12. Choose a server with good security measures

The X server has good security measures and is recommended for beginners. The X server has a lot of security functions specialized for WordPress.

13. Use WordPress itself, themes, and plugins in the latest state

WordPress (the most popular and simple way to develop a website) itself, themes, and plugins have been upgraded for the purpose of adding new functions and improving security. When a new version is released, you will see notifications and messages on your WordPress admin screen asking you to update.

14. Make frequent backups

Backup means saving the data in another location just in case. If you have troubles such as the blog site disappearing, you can restore (restore) the state before the trouble if you have backup data.

15. Use a plug-in for security measures

WordPress also provides plugins for security measures. For example, you can use the “Site Guard WP Plugin” plugin introduced in the following article to change the login page URL of the WordPress administration screen to prevent unauthorized access.

I have answered some basic questions that in your mind.

  1. Can I use WordPress without using any blog features?

WordPress is a most completely capable website and didn’t need a blog for website. WordPress blogging features are comments, author page, tag or categories and post etc.

2. Can you use WordPress without a theme?

Without theme the WordPress are didn’t get more attention from users. WordPress except at least one theme from start to end to running every times. WordPress except at least one theme to be present used for purpose of front to end display.

3. How can I apply WordPress themes?

4. What are the benefits of using WordPress?


We hope this article helped you find some awesome features of WordPress that you didn’t know. You may also want to see our 15 features of WordPress that will help you get more traffic. If you have any doubt let me know in the comment section. 

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