How to Buy Domain and Hosting form Bluehost(Beginners Guide)

How to Buy Domain and Hosting form Bluehost(Beginners Guide)

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is choosing the wrong website platform while creating a website. Thankfully you are not making the same mistake because in this topic I will clear all your doubts about it and you will be able to make a functional, beautiful website and able to Buy Domain and Hosting at the end of this topic.

What are Domain and Hosting?

Domain name means the name of your website. It identifies your website to users. My website domain name is The domain name shouldn’t be confused with the URL because domain names are a part of URLs.

Before moving on, I want to make the difference between domain registration and hosting very clear. They are two completely different things, but yes many companies offer both as a service.

Clearly, I am explaining to you what is hosting through an example:

The city parking garages offer cars for sale. You could buy a car from one of them and also store your car in their garage. You could also store your car in another garage because the car is legally yours.

Hosting is essentially a place(a virtual plot in internet land) where you put your website’s files.

Simply, web hosting is something without which the domain is nothing that means hosting is a small space on the web to store the website. It’s the place where the website stores and is accessed by visitors.

Websites are not directly on the internet or on Google, they are housed on web hostings(web servers). After connecting with the hosting that means after all the setup, websites get served to all visitors from there.

If you want your website online(active) then you need to pay for both the web hosting and domain.

There is nothing related to technicality, it is very simple to do than it sounds.

Choosing a hosting package can be difficult. In this blog, I will omit options that are clearly for large websites or ones with highly customized needs.

Switching hosts is very easy, so you can change it at any time by paying the hosting package fee.

There are three ways if you are looking for a good hosting package:

  • Shared Hosting:

It is an attractive option because of its economies of scale. A single server can house hundreds of websites and is also not that expensive to run.

Hundreds of websites are running from the same hardware, if there is a coding bug in one of them then the remaining websites will grind to a halt and could become unavailable.

The same issue arises with security systems. Some attacks aim for a single website and end up affecting all of the other websites that are housed on a single server. And the very frustrating thing is that these problems are unpredictable. But also very rare.

The reason to use Shared Hosting is, it is very budget-friendly and best suited to smaller websites. If you are on a very tight budget then go for it because every single rupee counts.

  • VPS Hosting:

It is similar to shared hosting except having the negative side effects. The hardware is shared, but usually among a few users only, and it is partitioned equally.

full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server

If four accounts are there on the webserver then each one may use only 25% of the assets. This effectively takes care of unpredictable issues. It is only applicable to larger websites.

Attackers also face much more trouble accessing other accounts on the web server through a single website(possible in very rare cases) so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Choose Your Website Platform

The truth is, there are lots of software that you can use when building a new website like WordPress, Magento, Web Calendar, Drupal, Joomla, etc, and all CMS listed in Wikipedia. These website platforms are commonly called CMS( Content Management Systems).

People prefer CMS than coding nowadays because it is easy to use and having tools by using which you are able to edit your site’s content and design your website according to your choice with zero knowledge of coding. From a user’s viewpoint, CMS looks familiar because its interface is similar to Facebook and google docs. It’s simple to create a new page or document then add images or videos in the content and publish it to the web.

Among all the website platforms the best one is WordPress. It is used by more than 34% of all websites. Because roughly one in three websites that you visit is built on the best website platform that is WordPress.

A Short Note About WordPress:

I know In your mind you have a question of what WordPress is and why WordPress is best.

This is the explanation:

WordPress is a software you can find if you go to There is another version of it called is a more versatile and cheaper to-use-version of WordPress. So everybody uses this one. It is open-source, SEO-friendly, free, extra versatile( Can run any type of website), fast, optimized, and secure.


It is time to get our hands dirty and start setting up our actual website within WordPress. First of all, I want to mention a couple of things about how WordPress works.

I am sure you have noticed that many people said that they dislike WordPress for various reasons such as a theme not working or the website becoming very slow or it has bad security like that.

But don’t believe any of this because in reality, WordPress is a great system just like many other systems no matter how small or large the website is. The problems like poor security, bad user interface, etc are almost exclusively due to poorly coded plugins and themes. If you have installed every single piece of shady software available then what happened to your website. The situation is kind of just like that.

As a result, the theme and plugins you choose matter a lot for you. Coming across a theme or a plugin with malicious intent is rare. So look for a theme and plugins with good reviews, a sizable user base and yes this will neglect or minimize any negative impact on your website.

Now having some knowledge about the domain, hosting, and WordPress now it’s the time to set up.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting:

It is a bit different because it is not a different way of using server technology. It is actually very similar to getting a website from, which itself can be considered as a managed WordPress host. Only for larger sites and also a bit pricier than others.

The one you pick depends on your website’s needs and your budget. My recommendation is, start your site on a shared hosting plan, then simply

upgrade when your traffic picks up and you outgrow your shared hosting plan.

Choose a Website Name and Purchase Domain and Hosting:

After knowing what is Domain and Hosting, now it’s time to choose a website name.

Pick a Website Name/Domain:

At the time of learning how to make a website, picking the website name is probably the most fun aspect of the whole process because you have complete freedom to choose any name you wish for your website.

Also choosing a domain name might be difficult, especially considering that the top tips for a domain always include keeping it short and easy to type or easy to remember.

You can find all sorts of tips on choosing a domain name, but it almost always boils down to keeping the domain name short and memorable. This is definitely good advice, but always have a brand strategy in mind as well because ultimately branding is the most important factor.

There are still some things you need to understand to set yourself up for success later down the road.

First off, there are billions of websites on the web so staying original can be quite difficult.

So it’s really a good idea to take your domain name around either the name of your organization or a phrase that is related to the niche you are in. And yes don’t forget the domain is also for branding while choosing the name.

A domain name should be:

1. Unique- that means there is nothing else in the market.

2. Simple and short so easy to memorize.

3. Easy to type and spell.

Mistake everybody does at the time of choosing a domain name:

  • In a moment of inspiration, think of an amazing name.
  • Then hold on to that name for months even years and at the time of starting the business, the domain is already taken.
  • After that try a lot of small variations of their original idea but sadly all taken.
  • After trying for a bunch of names despair sets in and then starts considering names that they don’t actually like, hoping that anything is available.
  • Then they spend some more time trying to come up with a name that is both available and a name that they can live with.

Through this process, they almost always end up with a completely different name than originally intended. They only try to lock themselves into the name once they have the domain.

Time for a tough truth: A lot of the good domain names have already been taken and it is very difficult to find a name according to your desire.

So don’t make the above mistake. When you get a domain name that you are looking for then don’t be so late to purchase. Take that name quickly.

The good news is, the rest of the steps are a breeze once you have a domain. It is the first and hardest step at the time of creating a website.

After choosing the domain name that you want to register the next step is to buy a hosting package in one go.

Purchasing Domain and Hosting:

There are many different companies that can register the only domain and there are many companies that can sell you a hosting package. Few among all the web servers provide both the service.

Let’s not complicate things, go for a company from which we get everything in one go.

We are going to use Bluehost, here is why:

  • It is one of the reputable web hosting companies in the world.
  • It is also an official WordPress recommended hosting partner.
  • It will make sure that your website operates with no hiccups.
  • It is very cheap(from $2.95/month).
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • You get a domain name for free with the hosting.

After knowing about the domain and hosting it’s time buying domain and hosting

Head to the Bluehost homepage. Once on the page, click the “Get Started” green button.


This will bring you to the pricing page where you will need to choose a pricing plan by clicking the  “Choose Plan” button.

Then you will need to click on select to choose the plan you like and continue to the next step.

Bluehost Plan
Bluehost Plan

After choosing the plan on the next screen, you will be asked to select a new domain name.

Blue Host Domain name

After giving the domain name, click the next button to continue.

Now provide your personal data such as name, address, email, etc.

On this screen, you will also see optional extras that you can also purchase but generally, we don’t recommend purchasing these extras. You can always add them later on if you need them.

Next, you will add your payment information to finish the purchase of your hosting package

Bluehost Price

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with details on how to login to your web hosting cPanel(control panel) and yes this is your hosting dashboard where you manage everything related to your website. Most importantly, this is where you are going to install WordPress.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can give a try and switch later if need be. But I don’t think so there will be a need to switch.

How much does a website(WordPress) cost?

My answer is the cost depends on your budget that means if you want you can purchase at a low price or at a high price.

I recommend all of you if you are a beginner then start small and then add more features to your website as your business grows. This way you can save money. If you are an experienced guy then go for what you want to purchase if you have a high budget.

Final Thought

I hope this Article going to help you to Buy a Domain and Hosting for your business and Blog. For any query related to this article, you can feel free to Comment, i will defiantly reply. And most important sharing is caring so share this with your friends on social media


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