What is the purpose of Search engine optimization?

purpose of Search engine optimization

Purpose of Search engine optimization

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The purpose of Search engine optimization is not just to display the homepage at the top of the search.

As a web index measure, a high-positioning showcase is just one passageway for pulling in clients to the Web, and SEO is fruitful just when it at last prompts the accomplishment of change (CV), which is a definitive objective of the site.

In other words, the purpose of Search engine optimization must be considered as a means of “CRO (conversion optimization)”.

Therefore, the purpose of browsing the site by the users who flowed in from the search (search intent) is read, and the site is meticulously selected, such as creating content that meets user needs, a configuration that makes it easy to transition to the target page, and navigation layout. Must be designed.

The purpose of Search engine optimization is to make your website appear higher on search engines, but I’ll explain the benefits of doing so in a little more detail.

High ability to attract customers

Listing ads (paid ads) are often compared to SEO. Listing ads are paid to get ads to appear on search engine screens.

Search results other than listing ads are called “organic search”, and Google search results show a combination of listing ads and organic search results.

SEO measures aim to be ranked high in organic search, and no matter how hard you try to take SEO measures, web pages will not be displayed in the listing inventory unless you pay the advertising fee to the search engine.

However, according to overseas survey data, the percentage of clicks on search results is 13% in the listing advertising area, and 52% in the Search engine optimization area (organic search area), which is four times as many clicks. There are results.

In addition, the survey results show that the click rate of the site displayed in the first place on the search result page is about 21%, the second place is about 11%, and the third place is about 8%. This is just an average and will vary by category. Use Google search console to see the changes in the position and click rate of each page to get an idea of   the trends.

By working on Search engine optimization measures, companies may be able to attract more customers than paid advertisements.

No running cost

Search engine optimization has another advantage that listing ads don’t have. That is, there is no running cost for SEO measures.

In the case of paid listings, your ads will only run while you’re paying, so you’ll have to spend as long as you keep advertising.

In the case of SEO, it costs money if you ask an outside contractor for Search engine optimization measures, but it is also possible to take measures in-house using free SEO tools.

Has a branding effect

What kind of impression do you have of the web pages that have been ranked high by keyword search with search engines? Even if it’s not a well-known company’s site, you might wonder, “Is it a popular site?”

When a website goes up to the top in organic search, not only will it be seen by many people, but it can also be expected to have a branding effect of “a site recommended by Google.”

It is no wonder that companies that are attracting customers on their websites are working hard on Search engine optimization measures every day because the high-ranking display in organic search can give users a sense of security and fairness that is different from listing advertisements.


 I hope you guys understand the purpose of search engine optimization.   If you have any doubt let me in the comment section and I will definitely reply to all. Sharing is caring,so share this post with your friend.  


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