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What is the use of SEO Measures Tools?

SEO Measures tools

SEO Measures tools

There are many SEO tools in the world, and by using these, you can use them for SEO Measures Tools such as checking backlinks, the status of internal measures and investigating the pages displayed at the top.

The tools introduced in these articles are carefully selected by the editorial department of a ferret. We recommend that you read the article and select the tool you need to use it.

With SEO tools, you can see which new and existing watchwords your rivals are positioning for. You would then be able to add these terms to your own rundown, utilize the SEO measures tools to recognize related catchphrases, and even consider growing to new business sectors

SEO measures tools

 1. Basic system

It is a tool that gives you a health check on your website. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

It is an access analysis tool that can be used for free, but it is very feature-rich and is installed by most companies that perform access analysis.

It is a  tool for checking the page display speed and site speed. Which actually measures the page speed for a sample page in a site. And you can also speed up your website through google page speed insight suggestion.  

2. Countermeasure keyword system

Google for the specified keyword in Google you can see the number of searches. You can also see the keywords that are being searched for along with that keyword, which is useful for creating content.

This is the Yahoo! version of Keyword Planner. It is a  tool that allows you to enter a keyword. Best keyword tools effective online marketing and the right keyword attracts more visitors. 


It is a tool that is useful for keyword trend research. You can see the increase and decrease in the number of searches in a graph, so you can see when the content should be prepared.

It is very useful to get this suggestion keyword when conducting a needs survey. It is convenient because you can download the list in CSV.

3. Ranking check system in SEO

Web pages are more likely to get ranked  in google search engine. Ranking means that when a particular person searches a particular keyword then the web pages show the results. So I have a mansion with some SEO measures tools below for  keyword ranking checks .

  1. Log in to SEOprofiler. Create a free account if you don’t have one.
  2. Use the powerful tools in SEOprofiler to improve your website.
  3. Your search engine rankings will rise and you will get more visitors.
  1. Go to SERPO Bot
  2. Click Free SERP Check.
  3. Choose your region.
  4. Type in your blog URL. Note: You do not need to type in the HTTP or the HTTPS
  5. Type in your keywords
  6. Click “I am not a robot.”
  7. Click “Check SERP now.
  1. Go to GEO Ranker
  2. Sign up
  3. Easy to use
  1. Go to SE Ranking
  2. Sign up
  3. Easy to use

4. Backlink check system

The Singapore and Ukrainian companies are making the link check tool. You can use it for free to some extent. It is a tool that is widely used overseas.

Production SEO the link check tool. The link because it can as well as rank check in addition to check, is very convenient.

It is a very famous “Open Site Explorer” as a backlink check tool. You can use it up to 3 times a day for free. It calculates not only backlinks but also the power status of each domain and page, which is convenient for comparison with competitors.


5. Smartphone countermeasure system

It is a tool that allows you to check whether your smartphone site is “mobile friendly”. Since it is difficult to display high-level smartphone sites that are not mobile-friendly, check this tool to ensure steady support.

A free SEO tool that you want to introduce at a minimum

There are various free SEO tools, but here are the ones that you definitely want to introduce.

You can use the Google Search Console to check the details of your search query to measure search traffic, search query (keyword) ranking, and click-through rate.

You can submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawls.

Search engines don’t start looking for information on the Internet the moment a keyword is entered. The system is such that information on Web pages on the Internet is collected and classified in advance, and data is searched for from among them.

Remove Content from Google Index In addition to sending a sitemap for indexing in the Google Search Console, you can also remove specific URLs from the index.

You can remove pages that are degrading your site from the index by selecting Delete in the Index menu and submitting the URL from New Request.

 Get notified when issues are detected and fix your site You can fix issues on your website and increase your site’s attention in Google search results.

Also, since you can check the click rate for search queries, you can find articles that are ranked 5th to 10th in the search ranking but have a low click rate, and rewrite the page content. SEO  measures are also possible.

You can check that the latest site is displayed on Google by index coverage.

Other improvements such as AMP page management, testing and tracking, mobile usability, and rich results can help you optimize your site.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool provided by Google that can collect information such as how visiting users found the site and what they did on the site.

It is simpler than the Google Search Console, so it is easy to operate intuitively.

Check the number of unique users, the number of sessions, the number of page views, etc., which are indicators for measuring the overall performance of websites that are implementing SEO measures using Google Analytics.

In addition, there are functions such as real-time analysis, so if you are an organization that has a writer in-house, if you always display the real-time analysis screen in the office, it will lead to improvement of the motivation of all members.

In addition, it is one of the indispensable tools for web marketers because it can measure how much results were achieved via the website that actually implemented SEO measures by setting conversions.

If you practice SEO, you want to include these two tools at a minimum.


So guys’ i hope you are definitely understanding what SEO measures tools. You have any doubt let me in the comment box. I will unquestionably answer your question.

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