What are SEO measures? Also, write its need and cost?

SEO Measures

SEO means “Search engine optimization”, it is a series of measures to be displayed at the top mainly by Google’s search engine. (Search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing are also included)

SEO is the way toward streamlining your site pages and substance to rank high on a web crawler.

Why do you need SEO measures?

The reason why Search engine optimization is necessary is that “if you can display it in the top of the search results, you can get huge access for free.”

Also, when the search results are displayed, most of the time you will access the pages that are displayed in the 1st to 3rd places.

If it can be displayed at the top of the search results, many users will flow into the page. Many companies are implementing measures (SEO measures) to display them at the top because they want to attract many users to their pages.

SEO is the way toward streamlining your site pages and substance to rank high on a web crawler.

Cost of Search engine optimization measures

If you take SEO measures on your homepage, there is no cost if you do it yourself. In fact, if you follow the procedure described in this article, you can take SEO measures yourself. However, if you are still unsure or troublesome, you can ask the outside for a fee.

Write important things about SEO and the procedure you should take.

For about eight years since we launched the Buzz Club, we have received many inquiries from Search engine optimization on a daily basis. Even though there were many times when the update was stopped.

So why have we been able to continue to benefit from SEO for years in the midst of volatile rankings and many owned media closures?

The answer lies in our continued commitment to “providing the best content to search users.”

When search users provide content that they are satisfied with, it is automatically shared by “likes” and “retweets”, and can gain a lot of access. And the more access you get, the more chances you have of getting a natural link.

Nowadays, even if you put a “self-made self-performing link”, only a negative evaluation is born. Obtaining “natural links” is essential to achieving results with SEO.

Self-made self- performing links: Self-made self- performing links performed by malicious SEO companies.

Natural links: Links that people who visit the site voluntarily post.

In short, the only approach to getting a natural link is to “provide the best content for search users.”

5 preparations you should do before taking SEO measures

Search engine optimization measures can be started immediately by introducing free tools, but it will be difficult to achieve sufficient effects.

1. Set the persona

A persona is a method used in marketing planning, etc., and refers to setting a specific target image of a product or service.

The persona is not only a basic profile such as name, age, gender, and address, but also details such as family structure, lifestyle, work, hobbies, values, and consumption behavior trends, and it is fictitious that it seems to be real. Create a person of.

Creating personas allows project teams to clearly share “who they are delivering products and services to.”

Persona settings are also important for Search engine optimization.

Since it is important for SEO to analyze who performs search behavior in what situation, having a persona that is the target of your company will help you understand what kind of SEO measures you should take.

If you don’t have the time to create a persona in detail, set a rough target image before you start taking measures.

2. Clarify the type of website

There are various types of websites such as corporate websites, EC websites, media for disseminating information, landing pages, etc., and the Search engine optimization measures to be implemented also differ.

Therefore, we will clarify what type of website to create or what type of site we are planning to implement, and formulate strategies such as the content of information to be transmitted in the future.

3. Decide the direction of SEO measures

The article introduces basic Search engine optimization measures, but there are various measures such as SEO assuming other languages, local SEO, and voice search SEO, which is expected to increase in the future.

Let’s decide the direction of SEO measures by judging from the direction of products and services, personas, etc.

4. Determine the URL structure

Each page in your website is assigned a separate URL. With this in mind, let’s decide the structure of the URL in advance.

The URL indicates the address of the page on the Internet, and it is said that the content should be easy for the user to understand.

Google also recommends including “aviation” in the URL for pages related to aircraft, rather than assigning an ID.

5. Set goals

As mentioned above, SEO has the aspect that it is difficult to measure the effect, but without a goal, effective measures cannot be taken.

With Search engine optimization measures, you can set goals such as the number of accesses, clicks on advertisements, conversions such as downloading materials, number of content updates for continuous execution, and number of rewrites.

Let’s set appropriate goals while looking at the direction of products and services, personas, and internal conditions.

3 things to keep in mind when taking SEO measures

1. It takes time and effort

In the early days of content marketing, it is difficult for web pages to be displayed at the top because it takes time to index blogs published by Google crawlers and websites are not receiving backlinks. Continue.

It takes time and effort because we have to steadily increase the number of articles and take Search engine optimization measures.

2. Short-term effects are difficult to obtain

As before, good content can repeatedly attract potential customers.

And since the number of potential customers that can be collected increases as the content accumulates, short-term inquiries from customers suddenly increase immediately after developing content marketing, as in the case of successful corporate advertising. The current situation is that it is difficult to obtain the desired effect.

3. Difficult to measure effect

In the case of corporate advertising, if the number of inquiries increases immediately after deploying the advertisement, it is immediately obvious that it is the effect of the advertisement.

Content marketing, on the other hand, has the disadvantage that it’s difficult to measure how much an audience’s browsing of content leads to inquiries and product purchases.

In this way, “time” and “human” are required for Search engine optimization measures.

In addition to that, you may think that it costs a lot, but nowadays, useful SEO tools are often released for free, and by making good use of them, you can avoid extra costs. It is possible to implement SEO measures.


I hope you are getting information about SEO measures. Here we are discussing its need, cost, importance and measures. If you have any doubt let me in the comment box. 


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