Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins That will Bring Massive Traffic in 2021

Top 10 Premium WordPress Plugins That will Bring Massive Traffic in 2021

If you are the person who wants to know why you should use premium WordPress plugins in your website hence there are a lot of free plugins available in the WordPress repository then you must read this blog attentively. And at the end of this topic, you will get your answer for sure.

With WordPress, you can create a website for almost any purpose because being open-source software, it is a developer’s playground.

Even if you are not a developer or a techy then WordPress is still awesome for you in many ways. In my opinion, whether you are starting a blog, personal brand website, or e-commerce website it is the best platform to use.

What I love most about WordPress is the ability to add functionality to any website by only adding plugins.

Sometimes you think that:- Are the Premium WordPress plugins worth the time and money?

In my opinion: Absolutely yes. Because if you are looking for a plugin that you can rely on, provides updates and support, and has advanced functionality, also having additional features than the free one so, it’s worth investing money on a premium plugin.

And yes it is easy to get swept up searching through 55,000 free plugins available in the WordPress repository. To help you narrow down your search, I have compiled the Top 10 premium WordPress plugins that definitely are worth their price tag. So, if you are in doubt, this blog will help you decide what is worth putting your money towards.

If you have any suggestions to give or any questions for me then tell me in the comment section. I will reply to all of your comments.

So without wasting much time let’s dive in.

Why Use Premium WordPress Plugins?

There are a lot of free plugins available on the WordPress website then, why should you consider using paid plugins? Everybody has the same question in their mind and it’s a great one.

Reasons are as follows:

  • Premium WordPress plugins perform outstanding and have great features also more features than the free plugin.
  • These plugins get updated on a regular basis.
  • They give support and also give satisfaction to the customer.
  • The developers of these plugins pay special attention to the quality of the code and security and also ensure that their plugins are always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

You must invest money in your websites if you are really serious about making money. These premium plugins add extra value to your website which is also helpful to get traffic to your site and also for a good user experience.

Here are a few paid plugins:

1. WP Rocket:

Wp-Rocket WordPress Plugins

Caching is one of the best ways to speed up WordPress websites and reduce page loading time. In this, you know what basically happens is saving a pre-rendered version of your website on the server so that browsers don’t need to generate it from starting every time someone accesses your site.

It is very simple to use which means that all you have to do is install, switch on and it works. I am not saying that WP Rocket doesn’t come with customization options. It comes with easy customization but you don’t have to go through pages and pages of them just to get the plugin running. It doesn’t waste your time and yes a big relief for anyone strapped for time.

Thanks to its big list of capabilities and consumer-friendly interface. Compared to loose plugins that can be complicated to configure, WP Rocket works as soon as you prompt it and includes simple settings for further tweaking your web page’s performance.

In addition to browser caching, WP Rocket also gives:

  •  Minification and GZIP compression for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript documents
  • Database cleaning
  • Lazy loading
  • Cache preloading
  • DNS prefetching
  • File deferring
  • Google Fonts optimization

 The price of this plugin is $39 per year.

2. Yoast SEO Premium:

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugins

I don’t think I need to introduce this plugin to you because nowadays everybody who has a WordPress website obviously knows this plugin and uses it on the website.

There is a chance you are probably one of the website owners that are using it.

Yoast SEO is the most downloaded SEO plugin in WordPress history which is over 40 million downloads. Yes, this is right. Millions of websites are using this plugin to optimize their content. This plugin is one of the best premium WordPress plugins.

It is very simple to use and allows you to optimize your content for your targeted keywords effortlessly.

While the free one is widely popular, the yoast seo premium plugin comes with a bunch of additional features and options to power-up your SEO.

The following features are only available for Yoast SEO premium users and not for the free version of it.

  • You can pick up to 5 focus keywords and optimize.
  • It gives automatic interlinking suggestions.
  • Preview of your webpage in Google and social media.
  • Content insights that list the 5 words or word combinations appear most often on your page.
  • Redirect manager.
  • It gives 24/7 support for 1 year.

If you want to get more visitors from search engines, you need to have access to a proper optimization tool like Yoast.

The price of this yoast seo premium wordpress plugin is $89 per 1 website.

3. Thrive Leads:

Thrive Leads WordPress Plugins

Nowadays email marketing is used by 82 per cent of B2C and B2B companies so you need all of the best tools working in your favour. One of the best tools is Thrive Leads.

But, doesn’t it take years to build a large email list for your business? Not obviously. And also it won’t happen overnight, you can accelerate your growth with the right approach to building website visitor conversion.

This plugin helps you to build your email list in a fast and efficient manner. Thanks for adding opt-in forms to any location on your blog, exit-intent popups. You can split-test forms and monitor the results.

Some other notable features in it include –

  1. Advanced targeting.
  2. Various triggers for the opt-in form 
  3. Actionable reporting and insights
  4. Smart links( you can also add a call-to-action button)
  5. Daily Overview (check the progress of your site on a daily basis), etc

It is very affordable and easy to implement, no tech skills are required and also there are many designs and options to choose from.

Price: $67 for a single website license.

4.Elementor Pro:

Elementor Pro WordPress Plugins

Elementor Pro was released in 2016, and from then it has speedily grown to end up one of the maximum popular web page builders for WordPress, with 5+ million active installs. 

It’s easy to see why it’s so popular among all the page-builder plugins. With Elementor you could build complicated, pixel-perfect page designs using drag and drop. There are many premium addons for Elementor Pro plugin.

Want to begin designing from scratch? Choose from over eighty design elements and add textual content, buttons, or even bureaucracy on your pages.

Need a template? There are hundred+ pre-designed templates to help get you commenced.

Its free version is available but you know very well the difference between the free one and the premium one.

 In this, you get customer support that means if you have any problem the team will solve all your problems. And you get more designs and templates in it. So go ahead and purchase this paid one and enjoy.


 Price: It costs $ 49 per year.

5. BrowserStack:

BrowserStack WordPress Plugins

Your WordPress websites or blogs must be compatible with every browser, not just the browser you are using. Keep your eye on this because it is a tiny thing but a very important one.

If you fail to test your website across more than 2,000 available browsers, you could miss out on an opportunity to boost traffic and social media engagement.

This plugin helps your website to give your users a seamless experience by testing it on 2000+ real browsers and devices also.

This tool does all of the work for your website so you will never again have to guess if your blog is compatible with a particular browser.

It is very easy to use and yes if you want you can sign up for the free version of it before moving onto the paid one.

But don’t know why a lot of bloggers overlook this plugin and don’t be one of these people. Because it can easily double your website’s traffic.

Price: it costs $29 per month for one user.

6. Social Warfare Pro:

Social Warfare Pro WordPress Plugins

It is considered as one of the ultimate plugins to increase your social shares and also your website’s traffic.

With this plugin, you can design your social media buttons and add them beautifully to your blog posts.

And the important thing about this plugin is that it was developed by keeping an eye on the performance. It doesn’t slow down your website at all because this plugin creates a social sharing button which is great and unlike other social sharing plugins.

The features which are available in the premium version of the Social warfare premium  plugin are not available in the free version that is as follows:

  • Customizable social sharing buttons to match your brand.
  • You can add custom tweets with the help of it.
  • Create shareable quotes in it.
  • Content Protection.
  • Track your social sharing performance via analytics.
  • Also allows you to recover all the social share counts at the time of switching permalink structures or going from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.

If you want to boost your site’s traffic with beautifully designed and fast social sharing plugins then this plugin is only for you.

Price: It costs $29 per website.

7. WPtouch Pro:

Wp touch plugin WordPress Plugins

It is essential that your WordPress blog is responsive to any search engine that means on any device.

 Nowadays mobile device and tablet usage is continuing to grow. And if your website is not responsive which means not display properly on smartphones and tablets then your website is missing out on a lot of traffic.

Even when I visit a blog on my mobile, I expect the website design(layout) and content to be displayed in a very nice way so that I can spend more time on that website. That’s why I know what people are looking at the time of using smartphones and tablets. And you know very well; first impressions always matter a lot. If the impression of your site is bad then visitors leave your website as soon as possible. So it is very important to take steps to solve this problem.

And here is the solution WPtouch Pro plugin which can transform your website’s design or appear on mobile devices.

And also it provides a Google-preferred mobile-friendly solution. This can boost the ranking of your website on mobile devices and this is definitely very helpful to drive traffic to your site. And you don’t deny the increase in mobile browsing nowadays.

You don’t need to do something on your site, simply install this plugin and purchase the premium plan and automatically it takes over and does the work for you.

So purchase the plan and wait for the transformation of your site into a mobile powerhouse.

Price: It costs $79 per year for one site.

8. WP Smush Pro:

WP Smush Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Smush Pro is the maximum popular image optimization plugin for WordPress with 1+ million lively installations.

It works with the compression techniques to your photos that decrease them in length without any loss to your images.

A beneficial feature of WP Smush is the capability to compress a bulk amount of pictures routinely whilst you upload them on your site so you don’t have to do it manually. It also gives WebP conversion.

You can sign up for the free version of this plugin before purchasing this premium version so that you can know the difference between the free and paid ones. Obviously, the paid one has more features than the free one so purchase it and enjoy all the extra features available in it.

Price: It included the full toolkit for $49 per month.

9. BackupBuddy:

BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin

Maintaining regular backups of your website is essential for any website owner. Because if something went wrong or your website got hacked then what will you do if you don’t have backups of your website?

 Having backup at hand is the quickest way to get up and run again.

BackupBuddy is one of the most popular solutions for this problem. Because it not only saves and restores your website’s database and files and gets all these at one touch but also it can migrate all the data of your website to a new server or domain. So that you can breathe in peace.

In addition to that, it can perform backups at regular intervals and send copies of your website to external services like Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, to your email, and more for extra security. So you can imagine how amazing this plugin is.

And it is made by iThemes which is currently used by over half a million users worldwide because of their quality and support.

If you want to backup your entire WordPress website then this premium plugin is the best plugin available on the web.

Price: It costs $80 per year.


CoSchedule Plugins

Keeping track of your content is not always an easy work-to-do. Between planning, writing, and executing your content strategy, there is a lot to keep in mind and it can be difficult to keep a bird’s eye view over everything.

Fortunately, there is this CoSchedule plugin available and its fabulous editorial calendar can do it for you. This plugin helps with all your organization and content strategy to schedule blog posts, social media messages, team tasks, and more. 

You can change the publishing date of upcoming blog posts simply by dragging and dropping them to another place in the calendar. 

In addition to that, you can add social media messages for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks to go out together with your latest posts with the help of this plugin.

It also improves coordination between team members by letting them assign tasks, adds notes to upcoming publications, set deadlines, and more.

CoSchedule has a lot more to offer at a very reasonable price and definitely, it is worth every penny. So go and purchase it.

Price: It costs $15 per month.


You will never know which paid WordPress tools will increase your blog’s traffic until you review the details of each one.

If you want, you can continue to rely on free tools and hope that those are enough to double your traffic, or you can invest a few dollars into your blog and watch your traffic grow.

Before buying any of these  Top 10 premium WordPress plugins from the above list, know your blogging needs and then only purchase.

In case you feel I have missed any paid plugin on the above topic that should have been in this list of best premium WordPress plugins then you can share in the comment section below.

Do you have experience with one or more of these plugins I have mentioned above? Which ones had the most impact on your website’s traffic? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading this topic attentively.

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