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What are the Advantage & Disadvantages of SEO?


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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO? The first Advantage of SEO is that you can connect with users who do not know your service or product through search results. Before a user purchases a product, it is assumed that the user will compare multiple products or collect information related to the product.

Being able to reach out to users who are looking for information for some purpose is a very efficient way to attract customers. In the case of listing ads, you will be charged for the number of clicks, but for SEO, you will not be charged for the number of user visits. If you can display high rankings with keywords that companies focus on, you can get access that leads to conversion without spending a huge advertising budget.

Advantages Of SEO implementation

  1. The Advantages of SEO  implementation are Increased search influxes.
  2. For example, if you increase the content that considers users first and operate a good website, the ranking of keywords attached to that site will rise across the board.
  3. If that happens, the influx of searches from Web pages that correspond to each keyword will increase.
  4. If the exposure in the search is expanded in this way, the site name, personal name, and company name will be known at the same time, which will lead to branding.
  5. Another Advantages of SEO implementation is that the websites used for branding and increase in search inflow naturally become assets.

Search Influx Increases

  1. If you work on SEO to publish good content, you will end up with The influx of searches to websites will increase.
  2. For example, create content that incorporates the user’s search intent for the selected keyword.
  3. At that time, we will consider “comprehensiveness”, “convenience”, “credibility”, and “uniqueness” to finish the content with higher quality.
  4. By doing so, the content will be more satisfying to the user, and it will be easier for Google to evaluate it, so the keyword ranking corresponding to that content will be ranked higher.
  5. As a result, the click rate (CTR) in the search results will increase and the number of clicks will increase, so we can expect an increase in search inflow.

Can be Branded

Become an Asset

 Disadvantages of SEO

  1. SEO is required to have technical knowledge related to search engines and marketing sense to predict user’s feelings from user’s search keywords.
  2. In addition, even when creating content, it is necessary to keep out of the law and to have a high degree of specialization depending on the content.
  3. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to develop human resources specializing in SEO in a company.
  4. It takes time for the effect to appear. Compared to listing ads, it takes longer to be effective, and it is unpredictable how effective it will be.
  5. Sometimes changing the title tag will raise the ranking immediately, and sometimes changing the setting of internal links or enriching the content will not improve it easily.
  6. In some cases, the ranking may drop once before the results are achieved.
  7. To some extent, people who have continued to implement SEO measures can make predictions such as “how long will you see after taking this measure?”, But it is quite difficult if you have little practical experience.

May depend on Algorithm updates

Google regularly updates algorithms that affect the order in which search results are displayed.Due to this update, previously ranked keywords may be dropped.

May fail

Even if you operate a website with little knowledge of SEO, there are many cases where the ranking does not rise as expected and the influx of searches does not increase.

SOAS as a result, search engine optimization is likely to fail.

For example, we operate a website that has many low-quality pages, such as a web page that describes content that is different from the theme of the page, or a web page that has a small number of characters and an extremely thin volume.

Such websites are judged by Google to be unreliable, and as a result, the search ranking does not rise, so the influx of searches does not increase.

In this way, that there is a possibility to fail it cannot be expected effect from the lack of know-how, one of the disadvantages of SEO is implementing will say.


The primary goal of search engine optimization is to provide high-quality search results. The advantages and disadvantages of SEO are easy to inform how to work a site in a content measure. If you have any doubt let me in the comment section.  

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